Fri 15 May 2020 12:42



Current social distancing requirements will almost certainly mean that we can not hold our Annual General Meeting on the 8th July as planned.

 This will be rescheduled, and we hope it will take place within the time period allowed under current regulations and any temporary changes brought in by the government. We are a registered ‘Company Limited by Guarantee’ and have to satisfy legal requirements as well as those of the Club.  Once this becomes clearer, we will hold the meeting in an appropriate and safe way.

 So we are unable to set a revised date as things stand but the Board will send out as much information as possible around the scheduled AGM date, 8th July, for members information. This will include a minimum of accounts and reports for the season 2019/20.

 Once we have a confirmed date for the Club to reopen The Board can then consider our financial position and any effect on the annual subscription, which of course may only be for part of the year/season. The Board will then set a date for the AGM for this and normal business to be put to the meeting.

 For your information the financial wellbeing of the Club is under constant review and, as we have kept you informed, any costs have been stripped down to the minimum required with the cooperation of our suppliers. There are a few things we can not manage without such as insurance, telephone for use with the alarms and CCTV but even there we have mitigated costs as much as possible. We have successfully pursued most grants that are available and may go for others if the need arises.

 Our prudent and business-like management of recent years means we are in a strong position to come through this without any long-term damage and you can rest assured when setting future subscription tariffs will bear in mind the pandemic is causing much hardship in the rugby community and beyond. We will also be more vigilant in making sure we manage the collection of the subscription across the board and support each other, no more than you would expect if our ‘Family Club’ ethos is to hold true.

 Graham Turner

Club Chair

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